Features - Data i

This optional software package can be linked to Ltdonline to enable our clients to keep a record of all the companies for which they may be responsible. Filing of Annual Returns, submission of new and resigning officers, change of addresses etc can all be done through Data i.

Key Features of 'Data i'

  • Unlimited database size. One price regardless of number of companies on the database
  • Easy company data transfer direct from the existing Companies House record
  • Tracking and Calendar based reminders for all important upcoming action and filing dates
  • Complete 'day to day' company management from Incorporation to Dissolution
  • Upkeep of statutory records and production of Companies House forms
  • Produces reports for Company status i.e. Dormant Companies on file and Annual Return dates etc.
  • Full reports of Companies managed at a specific registered office.
  • Find companies records easily by our sort/filter facility
  • Relevant notes can be made on each form
  • As easy to add existing Companies on an existing database to the software as it is to create new company records
  • Access to electronic filing of forms with Companies House (Save £16 on the annual return filing fee when you file electronically)
    • Produce share certificates and minutes and/or written resolutions
    • Produce Company Registers of any size in minutes rather than hours
    • Transfer subscriber shares
    • Resignations and appointment of directors and secretary etc
    • New Share issue
  • Production of Minutes
  • Full support and backup by dedicated staff
  • Free program upgrades
  • Data i Company Secretarial software has been designed to meet the requirements of Accountants, Company Secretaries and Company Formation Agents of all sizes who manage Companies of all types with worldwide access

The Cost

An annual subscription fee of £350 per year, or an easy payment plan £30 per month, makes Data i an extremely cost effective solution.

(NB: The subscription fee is in addition to all statutory fees payable to Company's House i.e. Companies House currently charge a fee of £14 for filing of an Annual Return)